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Shoreview, MN, USA
Snowboard freerider and freestyler (powder, halfpipe)

Copper Mountain


Transworld Snowboarder of the year 2005



“I can hike all day and they don't fog. That's the best part.”


I started snowboarding in 1988 in my backyard. The first board I had didn't have metal edges so I had to stick to the backyard. The next year I bought a real board and have been snowboarding almost everyday I can since then. I grew up In Minnesota and moved out to Breckenridge right out of High School. I blew off college, I figured I could read books when I was old so I wasn't missing anything. I worked for 2 years out in Colorado until I got the snowboard hook up and have been doin that for the last 13 years. I plan on snowboarding forever I have no future plans at the moment besides that.